This program aims at assisting you in becoming an expert on Destination Germany and its attractions, to better acquaint you to the destination and enable you to sell the country as a holiday destination and in turn increase your revenue.

The Germany Specialist program is an interactive learning platform designed to improve your knowledge of Destination Germany helping you serve your clients better.

The Program is divided into 4 modules :

  1. Module 1 - Let us take you on a trip
  2. Module 2 - Germany awaits you
  3. Module 3 - Experience something special
  4. Module 4 - Breathtaking panoramic routes

Terms for downloading your Germany Specialist Certificate
- You must score minimum 70% overall to complete the program
- Please update your company information under the profile section

Study at leisure from the comfort of your office. You qualify to be granted a “Destination Germany Specialist Certificate” as long as you complete all the elements of each module and take the qualifying quizzes at the end of each and the final module. In addition we require some basic information about your organization that would better aid us in servicing your requests in the future.

Through the Germany Specialist program you will become a Germany National Tourist Office, India-accredited travel expert who has the knowledge to sell Germany as a destination. You are also entered into the German National Tourist Office, India database to receive regular updates on our upcoming events, familiarization tours, Webinars and lots more.

You will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the program and will be entitled to use the name “Destination Germany Travel Expert' in your marketing materials.

The Modules are free and can be accessed PAN India.


For any query please contact anika.tandon@germany.travel. We are always there to support you.