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Germany is a country rich in natural beauty. Between the North Sea and Baltic coasts in the north and the peaks of the Alps in the south lie extremely diverse landscapes, with everything from wide expanses of river and Lakeland scenery, hilly uplands and densely wooded regions to agricultural plains and industrial conurbations. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany at 2,963 meters. Germany's longest river is the Rhine, which flows through the country for a total of 865 kilometers. Germany has 14 national parks, 101 nature reserves and 15 biosphere reserves.

Germany is not only rich in memorable experiences but also offers excellent quality at fair prices. Make use of the superb infrastructure to combine exciting city trips, outstanding shopping tours, relaxing wellness breaks, thrilling sporting excursions and top-notch gastronomy. Experience unforgettable holiday highlights with great value for money and reasonably priced!

Today, life in Germany is subject to a great diversity of cultural influences. It can generally be described as modern and cosmopolitan. The people of Germany love nothing more than getting together and celebrating, in traditional style during carnival season, at wine festivals, at the Oktoberfest and other beer festivals, or during music festivals from classical to rock – all helped along by great food and fine wines from the 13 vineyard regions.


For spending a holiday together as a family, Germany is an ideal destination. Visitors of all ages will have fun going to theme parks, water parks, castles, museums and getting close to nature in the national parks, and engaging in active pursuits such as cycling, spas, shopping and more.

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